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2019 QLD Maroons Signed & Framed Captain’s Run Jersey0

SKU: 2019 QLD Maroons Signed & Framed Captain’s Run Jersey

2019 QLD Maroons Signed & Framed Captain’s Run Jersey

Auction End: 26 January 2020 17:00 (AEST)

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The story behind this jersey begins 100 years ago, in 1919, when a clever halfback defied the odds and made his return to rugby league in a maroon jersey.

While serving his country in World War I, Duncan Thompson, was shot in his right lung and was told he would never play sport again. But, with a fragment of the bullet still lodged inside his chest, Thompson made a triumphant return to the rugby league field when he lined up to captain the 1919 Queensland Firsts and display his signature playing style that was said to be years ahead of his time.

This jersey showcases an integral piece of rugby league history in Queensland and as the first Queensland Maroons Captain’s Run jersey to be available for purchase, it is a great piece to add to any fanatics collection!

Package includes:

  • One (1) Framed 2019 Queensland Maroons Captains Run Jersey signed by Coach Kevin Walters and Captain Daly Cherry-Evans.

Proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery appeal in support of communities affected by the bushfires.

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Bid History

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17 January 2020 07:57$720.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$710.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:49$700.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$690.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:49$680.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$670.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:49$660.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$650.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:49$640.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$630.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:49$620.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:49$610.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:48$600.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:48$590.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:48$580.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:48$570.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:48$560.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:48$550.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:48$540.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:48$530.00Scottyg
17 January 2020 07:48$520.00Krysti
17 January 2020 07:48$510.00Scottyg
15 January 2020 21:04$500.00Krysti

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